Impulse Group Washington D.C. started in 2015 and in two short years have become a staple in their city. Building sterling reputation, Impulse Group D.C. has been able to bridge divides existing within the community and show they are as passionate about standing up to injustice as they are advocating for sexual health.

Impulse Group DC is one the newest chapters in this great organization. We use an 80% entertainment and 20% education module, because why can't HIV awareness and prevention be fun? We don’t just have events, we host “elevated experiences” unlike anything else you have ever seen. Whether it's talking about the benefits of PrEP or addressing concerns around stigma and care, Impulse Group DC will offer a unique and innovative perspective that is sure to inform and excite.

Be the Hero Impulse DC


Impulse Group DC's BE THE HERO campaign launched in 2016 aims to empower gay men in Washington, DC to take control of their health by getting tested, attaining/staying on treatment, and linking to PrEP. Our advocacy message hopes that individuals will find the hero inside themselves, and not only save themselves, but their peers as well.