Impulse Group South Florida was opened in 2013 as the 3rd chapter created globally.


After years of cuts in public health budget, South Florida is currently number one in the USA in new HIV infections. But that’s not the only problem, testing and STI are also an issue, we have found people who have been living with the virus for some time and do not know it. AIDS is still killing people and we need to address it. Unlike heterosexuals, the rate of positive diagnoses continue to rise and we need to act today to stop the epidemic.


Through our wide range of events created over the last 4 years Impulse SoFL has developed itself as a resource locally for educational information on all forms of sexual protection in our sexual health tool kit; whether it be condom use, PreP or PEP.  Impulse SoFL has become a trusted and comfortable source for members of our community that have questions on where to get PreP or PEP should the need arise. Due to a high occurrence of drug issues affecting our community, we have also created events which showcase the issues drug use and addiction can bring to an individual's mental and physical health and their circle of friends that must deal with it.

Impulse SoFL, now at around 20 all-volunteer members, consistently begins all event planning and creation surrounding a predominate advocacy message around the 4 main Impulse Group Pillars.

Impulse SoFL has become the community leader in our ability to reach the younger MSM community.

Each of our events have a specific theme, message and goal.  We also have surveys filled out at each of our events so that we can track the growth of knowledge our community has. We use this data to guide the mission and messaging of our future events. Whenever possible, we include testing opportunities at all our events and have had multiple tests come back as reactive.