The Guadalajara / Puerto Vallarta chapter begins operations in November 2014 following a launch event full of Mexican folklore and other organizations. Being the second chapter in Mexico, one of the first ten worldwide we needed to follow the footsteps of Impulse Los Angeles and Impulse Mexico City. 

Impulse Guadalajara / Puerto Vallarta has been characterized by generating diverse socio-cultural spaces in which sexual health issues are exposed as the basis for eradicating stigma against HIV and AIDS, leaving a message of awareness among participants in our activities.

We want the gay community to feel reinforced and protected in a friendly and cooperative tone for a growth in quality of life.


The chapter was born with high expectations of becoming a benchmark of HIV / AIDS organizations, and create experiences in the Guadalajara's gay community that triggered conversations, awareness of HIV. 

We needed a change of attitude towards HIV in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

Jalisco occupies the 4th place in the country of registered cases of HIV and AIDS, and the majority of them are concentrated between the metropolitan area of he city of Guadalajara and tourist centers of the coast.

92% of the cases are in men, 64% are concentrated in the population between 25 and 44 years of age, and 92% of them were sexually transmitted. These data highlight the importance of organizations that focus on this segment to achieve an eradication of AIDS, and reduction of HIV infections.



"Mission VIHve", seeks on the one hand to break the stigma and common ideas about what a person's life is Positive, while seeking to make the user aware of his share in health care and sex education . The concept behind the campaign and its name is that of a group of agents very in the style of "Mission Impossible", "James Bond", etc.

Which shows a leader of the group that being Positive leads to an interesting and adventurous life, and is supported by a circle of people who, in addition to representing a part of the diversity of the LGBT community, have different ways of interacting or support the overall mission to fight against HIV and stigma around who carries it. The slogans used in the "posters" of the campaign mainly make reference to that responsibility or "mission" that each one has for himself or his community regarding the subject of HIV.