We are looking for local Atlanta-based artists to submit creative expressions that embody the spirit of World AIDS Day through lens of inclusion. sexual health wellness, advocacy and community. We have 3 categories; painting, illustration and photography. Submissions are due Saturday, November 24, 2018 to
Please provide the following: (1): 1, Hi-Res Photography of your piece, (2): Your contact Information, (3): Size and scale of your piece, and (4): A short narrative about your piece’s inspiration.

Finalists will have the ability to showcase their work during our Immersion event at the GA Aquarium, where they will be voted on by patrons and winners will be announce during the event. Finalists will be notified by Monday, November 26, 2018 and will be given instructions about dropping off and picking up your work from the GA Aquarium.
If you have any questions pleaser feel free to contact

IMMERSION, A World AIDS Day 2018 Gala, will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Poignant messages of hope, remembrance and resilience will be shared by special guests and community champions. An evening soiree in the palatial Ocean Ballroom of the Georgia Aquarium will commence, immersing individuals in an elevated atmosphere accompanied with an open bar, engagement activities and celebration moments. IMMERSION will also serve as the culminating showcase for “Momentum” a visual arts Showcase.

Dress Code is “Be You in ALL Black”, whether it be casually chic, elevated or artistic.

For more information about the event or the art showcase,
please email and

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Impulse Group Atlanta is a 501 (c)(3) chapter organization, based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to the advancement of HIV education, safe sex awareness and practice among gay men. With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. We create campaigns, events and online content for gay men.

We aim to educate, motivate, inspire, support and advocate the Metro-Atlanta Gay community impacted by HIV. We aim to normalize & authenticate the Atlanta gay experience through community-based engagement, activation & mobilization. We believe in promoting awareness and affirmation with the over-arching goal of gay men obtaining positive health outcomes.


Being who we are as gay & bisexual men, as well as the extended LGBT
community, we experience a host of challenges. Our sex, love, stories, and lives sometimes put us at war, internally and externally. We fight for acceptance, access, affirmation and acknowledgement in societies that continue push the notion that we do not belong

In 2017 we are continually subjected to obstacles that increase our HIV infection rates, substance use, as well as issues in self-esteem and isolation. Regardless of stigma, shame, status or silence, we must not let anyting get in the way of  our L.O.V.E. Living Openly Valued Experiences promote the level of ownership we need collectively. As we wage W.A.R. aginst HIV, we must promote Wellness, Awareness, and Resilience, elevating our experiences as we navigate an uncertain future. Kiss, Hold, Have, Love, in spite of HIV. Care is a shared experience that requires all of us to do our part, HIV positve, negative or unsure. Join Impulse Group Atlanta.