About Us

Impulse United is a volunteer group of active gay men in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) whose purpose is to promote healthier lifestyles using modern social approaches. This Federation of groups accomplishes this vision through breaking social barriers in communities with such need.

Our Story

In the summer of 2009, HIV rates were climbing among gay men. Jose Ramos and a group friends sat in his kitchen in Los Angeles, CA and wondered, “Why?” With so much information out there, why weren’t people listening, reading, learning, understanding? So they came up with a solution. Instead of preaching to people, they wanted to have a conversation with them. Jose presented the idea to AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Impulse was born!

Impulse is comprised of volunteers who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the cause of sexual health education, advocacy, and breaking stigma for gay men, both positive and negative. With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, this group of volunteers works to create campaigns, events, and online content to reach a new generation of gay men who live in a modern and rapidly evolving world.

In 2013, Impulse opened a second chapter in Mexico City. Since then they have rapidly expanded to include eleven U.S. branches including South Florida, Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, Dallas, Washington DC, Orlando, and San Francisco. International branches include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Beijing.


Impulse SoFL represents at Miami Beach Pride 2015

Miami Beach Pride 2015 April 12th 2015 Impulse Group SoFL proudly marched in the 2015 Miami Beach Pride Parade. With Enough, marketing, swag and style to literally cover and fill a city bus, Dancers, Members and Models put on a show for the 40,000 attendees at this years parade. Branded in signature Magenta, and Cyan logos and partnered with Herradura Tequila the bus cruised down Ocean drive lead by a group of dancers pumping up the crowd and performing a […]

South FloridaThe Pulse
April 12

Ultra Music Festival 2015: Impulse SoFL Joins Forces with LIFEBeat

Ultra Music Festival 2015: Impulse SoFL Joins Forces with LIFEBeat March 27th, 28th, and 29th Impulse Group South Florida joined forces with LIFEbeat Music Fights HIV/AIDS for one of Miami’s most iconic events, Ultra Music Festival! LIFEbeat & Impulse South Florida set up a informative booth next to the UMF Radio stage and handed swag and prizes! In true EDM community spirit event goers were welcoming and supportive, stopping by to say hi, pick up swag and condoms and ask […]

South FloridaThe Pulse
March 29

Exposed: An Impulse Photographic Exhibition

Exposed: An Impulse Photographic Exhibition Thursday, March 26 2015 ImpulseGroup South Florida guests to the M Building in the heart of the Wynwood Art District for a Private Photographic Exhibition. Showcasing the work of Adrian Vargas, this exhibition represented key messages that ImpulseSOFL selected to use as their primary marketing for the 2015/16 season. The large format, canvas-printed and gallery-wrapped images on display were be available for silent auction. The pieces collectively raised $1500 the proceeds from which went directly back to […]

South FloridaThe Pulse
March 26
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