About Us

Impulse United is a volunteer group of active gay men in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) whose purpose is to promote healthier lifestyles using modern social approaches. This Federation of groups accomplishes this vision through breaking social barriers in communities with such need.

Our Story

In the summer of 2009, HIV rates were climbing among gay men. Jose Ramos and a group friends sat in his kitchen in Los Angeles, CA and wondered, “Why?” With so much information out there, why weren’t people listening, reading, learning, understanding? So they came up with a solution. Instead of preaching to people, they wanted to have a conversation with them. Jose presented the idea to AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Impulse was born!

Impulse is comprised of volunteers who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the cause of sexual health education, advocacy, and breaking stigma for gay men, both positive and negative. With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, this group of volunteers works to create campaigns, events, and online content to reach a new generation of gay men who live in a modern and rapidly evolving world.

In 2013, Impulse opened a second chapter in Mexico City. Since then they have rapidly expanded to include eleven U.S. branches including South Florida, Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, Dallas, Washington DC, Orlando, and San Francisco. International branches include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Beijing.


Being Proactive: Staying HIV Negative with PrEP/Truvada

by C.L. Frederick I can’t change the reality that I made a reckless decision and ended up HIV positive. My experience is something that I will never be able to take back and I fully realize that it was my responsibility as a gay man to practice safe sex. I do catch myself from time to time thinking about the course my life would have taken had PrEP/Truvada been an option accessible to me prior to contracting HIV. I was […]

DallasThe Pulse
July 15

New Antiretroviral Injection Shows 100% Protection Rate From HIV

Via Queerty Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have found that an injection of antiretroviral drugs can give 100 percent protection from HIV. Monkeys were injected with the drugs in two separate trials, with protection lasting a month. However, research suggests that such an injection could last for up to three months, reports the New York Times. People taking PrEP in the form of a daily Truvada pill have a super-high rate of protection (98 percent), if […]

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June 10

Evolution 2015

Evolution 2015   April 18th 2015, Impulse South Florida hosted its annual Evolution pool party at the beautifully renovated, historic Vagabond hotel. The Resort style pool quickly filled with attendees as they enjoyed the music of renown DJ Maximus and had the opportunity to share their Evolution memories with the world via social media in the Facebook linked photo booth. As the day went on attendees enjoyed the complimentary open bar and food truck ready to take orders. Impulse SoFL […]

South FloridaThe Pulse
April 29
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