About Us

Impulse United is a volunteer group of active gay men in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) whose purpose is to promote healthier lifestyles using modern social approaches. This Federation of groups accomplishes this vision through breaking social barriers in communities with such need.

Our Story

In the summer of 2009, HIV rates were climbing among gay men. Jose Ramos and a group friends sat in his kitchen in Los Angeles, CA and wondered, “Why?” With so much information out there, why weren’t people listening, reading, learning, understanding? So they came up with a solution. Instead of preaching to people, they wanted to have a conversation with them. Jose presented the idea to AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Impulse was born!

Impulse is comprised of volunteers who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the cause of sexual health education, advocacy, and breaking stigma for gay men, both positive and negative. With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, this group of volunteers works to create campaigns, events, and online content to reach a new generation of gay men who live in a modern and rapidly evolving world.

In 2013, Impulse opened a second chapter in Mexico City. Since then they have rapidly expanded to include eleven U.S. branches including South Florida, Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, Dallas, Washington DC, Orlando, and San Francisco. International branches include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Beijing.



It has nothing to do with sluttiness – The choice to take the HIV prevention pill PrEP has nothing to do with the desire to engage in risky behaviors. Research has proven that taking PrEP as directed significantly reduces your risk of contracting the HIV. It is important to still find a method that works best for you to prevent against other sexual transmitted infections, but at least you have one less thing to worry about.

Washington DCThe Pulse
January 05

One Year Anniversary!! We Love NYC

With 2015 coming to an end, Impulse Group NYC takes a look back at some of our amazing memories. From events, to social media campaigns and community engagement, it’s been a year filled with spreading safe sex awareness and resources for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, new friendships, and strong partnerships.   But let the guys tell you themselves why Impulse, how fun it’s been, and what we are looking forward to in 2016. Thank you all for your support and […]

New York CityThe Pulse
December 21

Hookup Apps Get Hot and Bothered Over Billboard Campaign

In response to a provocative new billboard campaign by AIDS Healthcare Foundation(AHF) Tinder, one of the mobile applications highlighted in the public service campaign, is demanding that AHF halt the campaign and take down the billboards. Grindr, the gay-focused app mentioned in the campaign, responded by canceling AHF’s paid advertising campaign on Grindr for free STD testing services. The campaign is intended to draw attention to rising STD rates among users of mobile dating or “hookup” phone apps such as Grindr, […]

The Pulse
October 08
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